Learn to draw


Would you like to learn my drawing techniques? Join me on Patreon and you'll get access to hundreds of hours of real time tutorials with voice over instructions about how to draw realistic animals!

 You can choose between the 5$ tier with focus tutorials (1-5 hours) or the 9$ tier (all focus tutorials plus full tutorials up to 10 hours). I also share material reviews and marketing tips (i.e. how to grow your Instagram account organically) with you! 


If you like to know the materials I'm using before you join please find a material list at the bottom of this page. 


Hope to see you on Patreon! 

Here is a short free tutorial! ;) 

I recently started my YouTube channel. You can find timelapses, several free tutorials and many more videos about drawing. Sign up to my channel and you'll never miss one!

Material list
Amis Art_material list.pdf
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