About me

Tierportrait-Malerin Ami Schütz mit ihrer Katze Balu.

Two passions shape my life from childhood: art and animals.
Since I can hold a pencil, I paint and draw. Animals have always been my absolutely favorite subject.

After school, however, I stopped painting and drawing and went to university - because everyone told me that I couldn't make a good living out of my art. I did not paint more than two pictures a year.

Only over 10 years later (in 2017) I found my way back to art when I happened to see an animal drawing on the internet. I was immediately caught up in the idea of starting animal painting again. Within a few months only, I founded "Ami's Art" and made it my part time job. In autumn 2023 I went full-time. My two cats Momo & Balu always stand by my side as quality managers. I am also on Patreon, an online teaching channel. Those who support me and my art have exclusive access to Step-by-Step Tutorials and much more.

I have already received some awards for my art (see references). For my lifelike animal portraits I use only high quality materials. I specialize in coloured pencils and graphite pencils. Depending on the size, my portraits are made with loving care for days or weeks. Depending on the size, my portraits are made in days or weeks of loving work. Accordingly, they have their price. As a reference I need only a good photo of your pet. My goal goes far beyond photorealism. I want to create artworks that are more beautiful than any photo can ever be. I want you to believe your animal is right in front of you. It should look so real and alive that you want to stroke it. It should look you straight from the depths of it's soul into your eyes. If you get wet eyes when you unpack your drawing, I know that I've reached my goal and I'm happy.